Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I made my first blog about a year ago, the day before I left for a three month trip to Argentina. I blogged almost every day while I was there and it was the perfect outlet for my emotions... You see, I'd go ahead and call myself a passionate person. When I feel anything, I mean anything, it's never with apathy... If I am sad, I'm devastated. If I'm happy, I'm joyful. If I say 'I love you,' it's because I genuinely do. I go, I walk, I feel and I live with passion. So yeah, I'm a passionate person.

And for all those feelings, for all those emotions, it's strange to me that I have very few outlets in which I turn to. I like to talk, but sometimes, my tongue gets ahead of myself and my words get jumbled... I sing, but it's not usually a beautiful thing, and everyone else songs don't always allow me to express what it is I'm feeling, so I write my own... but my guitar skills and song-writing limits me to a few chords and a room all to myself (or with my puppy, Pudge.)

So, I write. And I write for others to read. I'm not little miss creative or anything. In fact, the only literature I care to read is in Spanish or about vampires, so I'm not a novelist or anything like that. I write what I think. It's raw, it's real and it's me. Take it or leave it.

Thus, this blog. After my Argentina trip, I fell victim again to the business of Baylor and Waco, and stopped blogging. So, when I went to NYC, I began to blog again, but for Juicy Couture on It was a fun thing I had going, until I realized that I had fallen victim again to being stuck under someone else's expectations. Therefore, I'm here. You have the option of reading this or not. It will probably bore you, but it's me.

I named this blog "Beneath The Bobbi." It's because I have been writing a 'fashion blog' for the past five months and never felt as if I truly was myself, sure the funny Chandler was there, but what about my spiritual self? I needed to express my most genuine passion--Jesus Christ. So, here I am, giving the world the chance to truly see me, behind my Bobbi Brown, my blonde hair and my Juicy Couture! (I'll probably write about that stuff too, but with a little bit of my heart behind it!!)

So here I go. Hope you like it.