Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SUCH a long break...

Sorry it's been so long!! I've been all over the place! Between moving into my new apartment in Waco, starting summer school, being with my family and going to see Franklin, it seems like I've been in a different city every day!

What's been going on with me... hmmm...

Well, I came home from New York on Mother's Day, which coincidentally happened to be my birthday as well!! Franklin surprised me at the airport and we went home, I opened gifts, and we all immediately went to get some MEXICAN FOOD!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!

My mom has been going to this doctor in Austin who specializes in Eastern (or Chinese) Medicine--which is all natural health and personal wellness. I have seen the wonders he's done for her and my sister, and I decided to check him out for myself... Basically, I have begun a Candida Cleanse Diet. I am only eating low glycemic fruits and veggies, organic meats and fish, some corn and some rice... basically, no sugar, no dairy and no wheat... it's been interesting.

But I can tell a different in my body. Along with this diet, I have been going to my daily aerobics class at Baylor where we dance to Elton John and Donna Sommers (thanks to our grandmother instructor who could run laps around us!)

So, for now, I'm in Waco with Pudge and Shelly, going to class and eating healthy... it's neat.

That's an update for now!!

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